Munch Mobile

Daily Sandwich Runs to Your Office

Call us today to see whether the Munch Vans are passing your area! They provide fresh food on the go and we save you all the leg work, petrol and hassle - How convenient! Call us now on 0208 684 2304 to see if we are in the neighbourhood!

With 3 Specialist Munch-Vans providing an extensive range of quality, freshly prepared food that patrol Croydon and the surrounding area, they can also cater for all the meetings and parties that your office may be hosting. Ask about our platter selections and also celebration cakes to see what we can supply you with.

With over 70 years practice at what we do best, we are surely your number one choice of Mobile Food Store!

Here are some Business Parks and Industrial Estates that we visit already:

  • Longmead Industrial Estate
  • Imperial Way Estate
  • Capital Business Park
  • Twin Bridges Business Park
  • Purley Way

If you are not listed, why not?! Try us out and see why we are preferred to other companies.

Client testimonials

Here is what some companies have said about us already:

"I'm so glad that the Munch Vans come to us. Without it we'd starve!"

"I love the Ploughman's [salad] box. It really fills me up."

"The new £1.50 sandwiches were a God send. Really good value!"

"Usually you get the sandwiches tasting of cigarettes from the unmarked vans, but these are fresh made and taste fantastic."

"I really loved the platters that we ordered very easily from the van. We scoffed them in no time at all!"

Baker Sandwich Maker of the Year... Again
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