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The Munch @ Coughlans Story

Munch @ Coughlans was born all the way back in 1937, and since the beginning has strived to bring you, our customers, the greatest, and the most value for money goods you can feast on.

Our company policy has always been to turn wholesome ingredients into the most excellent and flavoursome products. This is always done at amazing value for money and we strive to give in generosity and excellence.

The Craftsmen behind the making of these products have been here since the 1970’s and know exactly what quality we instil in every single product we produce. We employ strict quality control and try not to let anything slip below amazing! Having recently purchased a Sausage filling machine we have turned our eye to making you a fuller sausage with no preservatives or additives, just good old fashioned premium pork and carefully selected herbs and spices. Just another example of how committed we are to delivering quality food.

Having won many, many awards, we love mentioning that we are "Britain’s Champion Bakery" – 3 years running, and also British Sandwich Maker of the Year (2005, 2006 and 2008). With these accolades we have earned a reputation of being a great company, and at heart we are still your favourite local baker, with your cheeky treats after school or work!

We also supply wholesale customers like Harrods, Allders Department Store, and Thorntons amongst others and as an example of how much we produce and deliver a week here is some of the maths: 50000 danish + 15000 croissant + 10000 sausage rolls + All the other cakes we do = A lot of good food baked fresh in our bakery every day!


History of Munch @ Coughlans

No introduction is needed for Coughlans Bakeries Ltd for those that live in Croydon or the surrounding area as they will have grown up with one of our stores on their local high street, or one of our vans driving past them on the roads. They will have learnt to love most of the cakes that we have produced over the years and eaten many of our scrumptious savouries. However things are a lot different now from the times of John Coughlan in 1937, and times have changed as our astounding products have with the tastes of our customers! The only thing staying constant is of course raw quality.

Things began with Refreshments London Ltd., with a snack bar in both Thornton Heath and Wimbledon. Having developed the Farmers Bakery brand, with which we added to our chain of stores and diversified into a bakery format, more delectable food was the result for years to come!

Over 50 years ago we decided a more personal touch would be better for our brand and so Refreshments London Ltd. and Farmers Bakery were merged by the then Managing Director John Coughlan, and re-launched as John Coughlan Bakers, to further focus our efforts on a more specialised bakery factor throughout the company.

In 1971 after a few years of worry when Croydon Council issued a Purchase Order on our two original bakeries, the company moved to where it has resided ever since in Sandringham Road and has baked millions more amazing cakes and mouth watering pasties. The sons Christopher and Peter Coughlan were introduced as Directors and we started to grow further by introducing a wholesale side to the business.

With the parents of the company reaching retirement age Peter carried on the family business with the help of his sister Maureen who took care of all shop issues. The company name was altered only slightly to Coughlans Bakeries Ltd. By 1979 Peter was Chairman and watching over 22 shops ensuring that only quality products and service were being delivered to each and every customer. We combine traditional recipes with modern production techniques to get the best results imaginable, and taste buds fluttering all around South London.

Now re-branded to Munch @ Coughlans we still have the same core values of quality and trust with our customers and want to push forward to provide you with the best goods money can buy!

To this day Peter Coughlan remains Chairman and Managing Director with the help of his son Sean (Production Director), and daughters Virginia (Director and Company Secretary) and Jackie (Shops Director). We currently have over 20 shops and three mobile lunch vans to our name, striving to deliver quality every day! 70 years on, we make thousands of products each week but we still consider ourselves your local baker, and your supplier of Champion Products to keep you filled and ready for the daily grind!

Baker Sandwich Maker of the Year... Again
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